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Stay One Step Ahead of Your Retirement Goals
Whether you are looking for personal Wealth Management or a retirement plan for your company, your financial success is the objective. Many of our clients have benefitted from strategies we developed that set them on the right path. Perhaps you could achieve similar benefits. There is no cost or obligation to find out. Ficadenti Tandon Asset management will guide you every step of the way.

Helping clients achieve their financial goals with confidence in the Road Ahead

Ficadenti Tandon Asset Management, Inc. is a fee-only, fiduciary registered investment advisory (RIA) firm in the greater Washington DC area helping clients achieve their financial goals with confidence through Wealth Management and Retirement Planning.


You have goals for the future and count on your investment portfolio to help you reach them. But with the volatility in the financial markets and an ever-growing array of investment choices, you may ask yourself “Where do I begin?” or “Is my money in the right kind of investments?”

Frank Ficadenti with William Shatner
Frank Ficadenti and William Shatner- An Introduction to
Ficadenti Tandon Asset Management, Inc.

At Ficadenti Tandon Asset Management, Inc. our clients have a clear vision for their financial future. What they lack is the time, expertise, or inclination to manage their investment portfolios on their own.

Based in Northern Virginia, we provide our clients confidence in the road ahead. A fee-only registered investment advisory firm, we specialize in retirement investment management with solutions for individuals, families, businesses, foundations, and trusts.

At Ficadenti Tandon, you can count on more. We are a boutique investment management firm that offers highly personalized investment services. You won’t find a cookie-cutter approach to asset management here. The foundation of our work is a portfolio allocation that aligns with a client’s tolerance for risk and time horizon. read more

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