We understand that allowing us to manage your investment portfolio or retirement plan requires trust and a feeling of confidence in our abilities. It's your future and you should have solid answers to all of your questions before letting anyone manage your finances.

We've answered some of the most common questions below but we know you'll have more. Call us today with your questions. You'll talk to us directly. We assure you will end up with the same trust and confidence in us that many other satisfied clients can vouch for.

In a recent interview with Jan Fox (formerly with the Washington DC Fox Television affiliate), Frank and Jit were asked the following about Ficadenti Tandon Asset Managemwnt and what sets them apart from other asset managers:

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  • Where do you invest client assets?
  • What benefit do people get when they come to you?
  • Is there one of your clients who has done particularly well?
  • How often do you communicate with clients?
  • What geographical area do you serve?
  • What is Modern Portfolio Theory?
  • What is your niche?
  • What qualifies you do this work?
  • Can you explain more about risk factors in investing?
  • What sets you apart from other wealth managers?
  • What led you to be interviewed on the William Shatner show 'Moving America Forward'?


  • What do you do differently than other investment advisors?

    We are a fee-only registered investment advisor with a fiduciary responsibility to work in your best interest. This means we don’t get paid a commission for choosing a particular investment for your portfolio. Instead, we charge a fee based on the investment amounts we manage. And you won’t find a cookie-cutter approach to asset allocation at Ficadenti Tandon. We go beyond the traditional asset allocations used by many investment advisors. Our independence and experience allows us to provide additional portfolio diversification to minimize investment risk while offering unique opportunities for additional return.

  • Why should I work with a smaller advisory firm?

    Ficadenti Tandon Asset Management offers highly personalized service consistently delivered by the same people year in and year out. You will never have to guess who is going to answer the phone when you call or wonder if one of our advisors is still with the firm. Our work is based on established relationships with our clients. No two clients are the same and neither is our relationship with them. At Ficadenti Tandon, you are our valued client, never a number.

  • How can you help me minimize the taxes I pay on my portfolio?

    One of the firm’s founding partners is an enrolled agent, a federally authorized tax practitioner who helps clients to develop portfolios that can minimize taxes and increase after-tax income.

  • I have a 401(K) from a previuos employer. What should I do?

    We have found that TD Ameritrade has embraced a culture of high integrity. As one of the largest discount brokers, they provide tremendous value in their flat $9.99 per-security transaction. They also offer Ficadenti Tandon a dedicated services team for resolution of any issues related to a client account...

  • What about safety?

    All accounts are held at TD Ameritrade, one of the largest discount brokers in the United States. Equity trades cost only $9.99.

    Unless you choose to work with us on an hourly basis ($175 an hour for advice), you never make a deposit payable to Ficadenti Tandon. Your deposit is always made payable to TD Ameritrade. We never take custody of your funds and your funds are never co-mingled with funds of our firm.


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