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Ficadenti Tandon Asset Management, Inc. is a registered investment advisory firm with a specialization in retirement solutions.

You can count on more from Ficadenti Tandon. As a boutique investment management firm located in Northern Virginia, we offer highly personalized investment services. The advisors that started the firm over a decade ago are the same ones who answer your phone calls today. As a client, you will work with a dedicated investment manager that will provide attention to your unique investing needs.

Our unbiased, objective investment consulting is on a fee-only basis. This ensures our interests are always aligned with yours. We work with individuals, businesses, foundations, and trusts in the following areas:

7918 Jones Branch Drive, 4th Floor, McLean, VA 22102
  • Investment management
  • Cash flow management
  • Tax planning & return preparation
  • Retirement plan design and investment management
  • Portfolio withdrawal management for income needs when in retirement
  • Eduction on investing and portfolio strategies

The decision in choosing a financial advisor is very important to your long term financial success. Everyone's circumstances are different. First of all you should identify your needs.

An excellent financial advisor must be able to provide the specific information and unique advice and guidance that you require. The advisor must perform the services you desire given your personal constraints such as location, net worth, portfolio size and financial objectives. Above all, the advisor should only charge a fee instead of a commission for selling financial products.

Additionally, the advisor should be a 'fiduciary' and have no conflicts of interest and receive compensation from you and only you. To assist you in your selection we have developed a 'Financial Advisor Screening Tool' to aid you in making this important difficult decision. You can download it here:



Frank Ficadenti

Frank Ficadenti

Frank Ficadenti is CEO of Ficadenti Tandon Asset Management, Inc. and a well known financial professional in Northern Virginia. Mr. Ficadenti counsels mature investors on how to increase their incomes and reduce their taxes. Frank has advised pre-retirees and retirees of the federal government, teaching profession, business executives and high net worth individuals. He has made TV and radio appearances to educate investors including business owners regarding the benefits of having a high quality 401(k) plan for their businesses. read more

Jit Tandon

Jit Tandon

Jit Tandon is President of Ficadenti Tandon Asset Management, Inc. and a well known financial professional in Northern Virginia. Mr. Tandon counsels seniors on how to increase their income and reduce their taxes. Jit has advised pre-retirees and retires of the federal government, teaching profession and business executives.
read more




We don’t purchase mutual funds for our clients at Ficadenti Tandon Asset Management. Our objective is to minimize fees and transactions costs in achieving a target return on investment for our clients. Mutual funds can change from 3% to 5% of up front and deferred sales charges of the amount invested. Additionally, funds can charge 12b-1 fees, management expenses and transaction costs.

In lieu of mutual funds, we use ETFs and individual stocks and bonds because our clients shouldn’t have to pay a fee on top of a fee.

Clients also count on us for more in the following areas:

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  • Fiduciary Responsibility – Unlike investment advisors who are commissioned on the investments they purchase for a client portfolio, we are a fee-only registered investment advisor. This means we have a fiduciary responsibility to always act in your best interest. Our fees are strictly for the guidance and expertise we provide, not an investment we recommend.
  • Highly Personalized Service – As a boutique advisory firm, the principals that started the firm over a decade ago are the same ones that answer your phone calls today.
  • Investment Approach – You will not find a cookie-cutter approach to asset allocation at Ficadenti Tandon. Our independence and experience allows us to go beyond the traditional asset allocation used by many investment advisors. This provides additional portfolio diversification to minimize investment risk while offering unique opportunities for additional return.
  • Tax Expertise - One of the firm’s founding partners is an enrolled agent, a federally authorized tax practitioner, who helps clients develop portfolios that can minimize taxes and increase after-tax income.
  • Team Approach - Your dedicated investment manager also provides leadership in coordinating with other financial asepcts fo your wealth. This includes accompanying clients to trusted providers of estate planning, tax and insurance services for overall risk management and financial integration.
  • Coordination -We take over the time-consuming task of managing our client’s affairs among multiple financial professionals. We are always ready to coordinate with other professionals that address your needs.
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