• Fiduciary Difference

    Learn why it's better to seek financial advice from a fiduciary.

  • Tax and Income Planning

    Learn about the importance of tax & income planning and why you should develop a financial strategy to get the most out of your golden years.

  • Introducing Ficadenti Tandon Asset Management, Inc.

  • What Do You Do and Who Do You Do It For?

  • What Sets You Apart From Other Firms?

  • What Is Risk Tolerance Level?

  • What Is The Primary Reason People Come To You?

  • What Is Tax Optimization?

  • What Is Retirement Plan Design?

  • What Is Modern Portfolio Theory?

  • What Are Your Seminars All About?

  • Is It Ever Too Early To Seek Your Services?

  • How Would You Describe Your Typical Client?

  • How Do You Handle Investment Management?

  • Do Clients Tend to Stay Long With Your Firm?

  • Award Presentation

  • What Is A Good Retirement Strategy For Business Owners?

  • What Are Some 401k Plan Benefits For Your Business?

  • What Advice Would You Give New Business Owners?

  • How Do Your Partners Work Together?

  • How Do You Help Businesses Be Aware?

  • How Do You Help Businesses?

  • How Do You Attract New Business Clients?

  • How Do You Advise Existing Businesses Without A 401k Plan?

  • How Did You Get Into Business?

  • Are There Particular People More Interested In Your Services?



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