Advantages of Rolling Assets from your Last Employers 401k Plan

If you have money in any prior employer(s) retirement plans or in an IRA, you can roll it over to a new Rollover IRA or into your existing Rollover IRA. Advantage of rolling over and consolidating your multiple retirement accounts are:

  • Simplify Your Life - Save time by only having to use one website.
  • Reduce Clutter - with one statement.
  • More Diversification in One Account - Enjoy the convenience of having a diversified portfolio in one place.
  • More Investment Choices - Typical Rollover IRA has many more investment choices than a typical 401k Plan.
  • Reduce Investment Costs - You can likely reduce your investment cost by rolling over. Most 401k plans have limited investment options, mainly mutual funds which almost always have higher management fees. By moving your assets into a Rollover IRA account, you will have many low cost options such as ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), individual stocks, bonds and other investment. Thus you will able to reduce your portfolio cost while having more choices to take advantage of market opportunities.
  • Likely to Achieve Higher Rate of Return - Will likely lower cost of investment, you are likely to achieve have higher rate of return in Rollover IRA account verses a 401k Plan.

With our help, consolidating your retirement assets into your IRA rollover can be simpler than you think. You are encouraged contact us at 866-382-6462 to discuss rolling money from multiple retirement accounts into one Rollover IRA account, and consider fees and/or limitations of your 401k account at previous employer and potential opportunity offered by Rollover IRA.

You can get started by downloading '401k Rollover Made Easy' Kit:

Please contact us online or call 866-382-6462 for additional information and to set up an appointment.

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